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Why a Portable Power Station is a Must When Going Camping

Why a Portable Power Station is a Must When Going Camping

6th Jan 2022

Those who love to get outdoors and go camping know all too well the importance of having a reliable source of power at their campsite. Having power at your site allows you to do all sorts of things that would otherwise be impossible, and this can make a huge difference in terms of your overall enjoyment when camping.

Without a doubt, the best way to get power when you’re camping is by using a portable power station, but what exactly is a portable power station? And what are the benefits of using one?

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What a portable power station is and how to use one
  • The benefits of having a portable power station when camping
  • What to look for in a good portable power station
  • And much more

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What is a portable power station?

Portable power stations come in a variety of different form factors, from small, compact units, to larger power stations that feature portable solar panels or wind turbines. Generally speaking, they all do more or less the same thing – they provide you with portable electricity. Some portable power stations function primarily as a power bank, meaning that you charge them up ahead of time, and they provide you with a finite amount of power before needing to be recharged.

Other portable power stations feature external energy arrays that allow you to recharge your power supply on the go with solar panels or portable wind turbines. Both of these options are generally better than the power bank type of portable power station because they allow you to continuously power your devices without needing supplemental electricity.

How to use a portable power station

Every portable power station is unique and has its own quirks and nuances, but typically they all work in a similar way. For power bank type portable power stations, you simply charge up the device, and that's it. When you need electricity, you can connect an external device to the power station for instant power until the battery is drained, at which point you are out of luck until you recharge it again.

Portable power banks that use solar or wind arrays work a bit differently. When you want to recharge your power station, you have a few different options. You can charge it up the traditional way, much like you would recharge a power bank type power station, but you can also recharge the device using the power of nature. If your device features a solar generator, then by plugging in the solar panels and placing them in the sun, you can recharge your entire power supply over the course of a few hours.

With wind devices, it's the same idea; you connect the wind turbine to the power station, and assuming it's a windy day, you'll be able to recharge your power station or get instant power when you need it the most. Because of the practicality of portable power stations that can be recharged with the sun or wind, they are almost always the best option for portable power when camping.

The benefits of having a portable power station

You can power many things with a portable power station. Let's look at some of the best uses for your portable power station when you’re camping.


One of the most important things at any campsite, especially after dark, is lighting. Without adequate lighting, you can be left in the dark, which can cut your nights short and subtract from your experience. With a portable power station, you can power LED lights, lamps, lanterns, and tent lights, allowing you to keep the night going long after the sun has set.


Good old-fashioned radios have been the campers’ entertainment of choice for a century now, and there’s no better way to ensure your radio has power than by bringing a portable power station with you to the campsite. Whether you want to catch up on the news, listen to a sporting event, or find out tomorrow's weather forecast, you'll always be in the know when you have a portable power station on hand.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking meals over the fire is a quintessential experience when camping. But chances are you don't want to prepare every meal this way because it simply takes too long. When you want a quick coffee or to reheat a snack, your best bet will be to plug an electric grill or kettle into your portable power station, which can make your mornings more enjoyable and your snacks more delicious.

Tent Air Conditioners

When camping in the summer or in warm climates, it's possible for your tent to get hot and humid rather quickly, and there aren't too many solutions to this problem, but there is one. By connecting a tent fan or a tent air conditioner to your portable power station, you can have the coolest tent at the campsite, which will help you cool off and sleep well when others are tossing and turning.

Recharging Devices

Last but not least, smartphones are a reality of life these days. Most people conduct all of their shopping, social interactions, financial transactions, and work online, and as such, it's important to ensure you always have a connection. If your phone dies while you're camping, you could end up cut off from the rest of civilization until you're able to plug it in somewhere, but with a portable power station, you'll never need to worry about your phone dying while you’re out of town.

Should you buy a portable power station for camping?

Having power at your campsite can make a massive difference in terms of how enjoyable the experience is. Sure, the classic off-grid style of camping has its charms, but most would agree that having access to power makes camping much more pleasant. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your camping trips, then consider buying a portable power station.