EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel Kit (2x 100W Panels & Mounts)

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Need more info? Here you go!

200W Solar Panel Kit

Includes Two 100W solar panels including mounting feet. 

Fast Charging 

Using cutting-edge cell technology, the 100W rigid solar panel has a high conversion efficiency rating of up to 23%, charging your Power Kits batteries in record time. 


Pre-drilled slots around the panel's edge make it convenient to mount securely on your van’s roof. 

Weatherproof & Durable 

The rigid panel balances design with robust materials allowing the panel to weather any storm while still offering the same excellent performance and aesthetics for years. 

Universally compatible 

With an all-inclusive solar connector, the 100W rigid panel works with other 3rd party solar systems and power stations.

Short Circuit Current6.3A (Imp 5.9A)
Open Circuit Voltage20.3V (Vmp 17.1V)
Maximum Fuse Current15A
Maximum System Voltage600VDC(UL)
Dimension (inch)38.6*23.1*1.2
Net Weight (kg)6.2kg
Connector TypeSolar Connector
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Rated Power100W
Dimension (cm)98*58.6*3
Net weight (lbs)13.7lbs

EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel Kit (2x 100W Panels & Mounts)

$209.00 $199.00
(You save $88.00 )