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EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs & Tiny Homes

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Perfect for RVs or Tiny Homes

Customizable kits for any 

size van or cabin

Whether you’re replacing your electrical, or building a system from scratch, Power Kits plug-and-play system allows you to easily modify your hardware to fit your power needs.

Plug & Play — Simple to Assemble

Easy installation

Modular & plug-and-play so you can customize your cabin power faster and whenever you want. Simply add a battery to increase capacity, or plug in a solar panel for faster charging. 

Compact and integrated

Power Kits combine five components into one Power Hub that deals with all your power needs, saving you space, money, and set-up hassle. Batteries securely stack in threes, giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh.

48V — a safer, smaller solution. 

A 48V system produces the same amount of power, but unlike 12V, only a quarter of the electric current passes through the wires, producing significantly less heat and power loss.

Easy management

Use the EcoFlow Power Kit Console to get a complete picture of your power consumption, or use the EcoFlow App to control your system wirelessly.

Fast charging

Multiple charging methods can be combined up to 7800W input, or individually for charging up to 15kWh of stored energy quickly.


Connect to 3000W of solar input and/or use your alternator, shore power, or the EcoFlow Smart Generator to charge efficiently.

Power up today and get free of the grid!

Product Details

EcoFlow Power Kits

EcoFlow Power Kits are the world's first integrated, plug-and-play power solutions designed especially for tiny homes and RVs.

These are Amazing! Each Kit has everything you need to get powered up. With a plug-and play design, customizing your energy is quicker than ever before! Suitable for DIY projects.

These specially designed kits can be used in any off grid build or anywhere that requires easy setup.

  • 48V System
  • Space-Saving
  • Simple Assembly
  • 4 Charging Methods
  • Smart Controls
  • Vans, RVs & Trailers | Off-grid Builds


What's in the Box?

"Get Set" Kit Includes:

Battery Size of your Choice Plus-

Power Hub w/ mounting kit 1
Power Hub Cable Pack 1


"Prepared" Kit Includes:

Battery Size of your Choice Plus-

Power Hub w/ mounting kit 1
Power Hub Cable Pack 1
AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel 1
Battery Mounting Strap Based on Battery Pack


"Independence" Kit Includes:

Battery Size of your Choice Plus-

Power Hub w/ mounting kit 1
Power Hub Cable Pack 1
AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel 1
Power Kit Console 1
Battery Mounting Strap Based on Battery Pack


Battery Size Expandable to Suit Your Needs:

  • 2kWh - Run your RV’s essentials for a half day, or Light up your tiny home and run essential devices for 12 hours
  • 4kWh - Power your mobile home on an overnight adventure, or Run heavy-duty appliances for an entire day
  • 5kWh - For a whole day on the road with family and friends, Power your off-grid cabin while you work remotely
  • 10kWh - Head out for a few days in the wild, Live comfortably with heating or AC for days
  • 15kWh - Ideal for several days of boondocking, Power almost any device for stress-free living.



Power Hub:

Net Weight 31lbs
Dimention 11.8*18.9*5.5in(Height x Width x Depth)
Testing and Certification CE, UL, FCC
WI-FI Supported
Bluetooth Supported
AC Main Output/frequency Pure Sine Wave,3600W(surge 6000W),120V~, 50Hz/60Hz
DC Main Output 13.6V/70A 1000W Max; 26.4V/60A,1500W Max
AC Main Input Voltage/frequency 100-120V~ , 50Hz/60Hz
Solar Charging Input 15-150V 30A,1000W Max
Alternator Charging Input 13V 60A,1000W Max
Best Operating Temperature 68°F to 86°F (20℃ to 30℃)


2kWh LFP Battery | 5kWh LFP Battery:

Capacity 2048Wh (51.2V, 40Ah) | 5120Wh (51.2V, 100Ah)
Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate
Cycle Life
~3000 Cycles to 80% capacity | ~3500 Cycles to 80% capacity
Operating Temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20℃ to 60℃)
11.2in X 13.7in X 7.8in | 11.8in X 19.7in X 10.2in(Height x Width x Depth)
Net Weight 37lbs | 90lbs


AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel:

AC Main Input 30A Max, 120V, 3600W
DC Main Input 70A Max
AC Output 6 AC Positions, 20A Max each
DC Output
12 Fused DC Positions (6 * Positions controllable via Power Kit Console & APP)
Dimention 7.1in x 14in X 3.5in (Height x Width x Depth)
Net Weight 5.7lbs


Power Kit Console:

Touch Screen (Diagonal) 7 Inch
Dimention 4.5in X 8.1in X 0.9in (Height x Width x Depth)
Net Weight 1lbs

EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs & Tiny Homes FAQs:

Can I install it by myself or with the help of my favorite installer?

    • This product is plug and play. You or your installer can easily install the system in your RV/Off-grid Build. EcoFlow offers live chat on EcoFlow App, tutorial videos, a user manual, and a quick installation guide to help you during the installation process. Or, you may share your contact info with our EcoFlow Certificated installer If you need extra offline installation service.

Are Power Kits compatible with the current system in my RV?

      • EcoFlow Power Hub is NOT compatible with third-party batteries.

      • Power Kits system is compatible with third-party solar panels with Universal Solar Charge Connector.

      • Use EcoFlow LFP Battery and Power Hub since EcoFlow LFP batteries are stackable and pre-installed with the BMS system and fuse box.

      • Use our high conversion efficiency EcoFlow solar panels to provide powerful, long-lasting power to the Power Kits system.

Do you need a Smart Distribution Panel to use Power Kits?

    • Using only a Power Hub and EcoFlow LFP batteries without the Distribution Panel, you can power appliances using the AC Outlet on the front of the Power Hub.

What are the various cable lengths?

    • All cables, apart from the Solar Charge Cable and Alternator Charge Cable, are 15ft (4.5m). The Solar Charge Cable and Alternator Charge Cable are 20ft (6m). You can adjust the cable lengths using our adapters.

Can I use third-party solar panels?

    • You can use third-party solar panels with Power Kits as long as the maximum open circuit voltage of solar panel arrays for each port does not exceed 150V.

How do I repair a Power Kit if one of the components breaks?

    • You can go to an authorized EcoFlow dealer for a repair or exchange.

Can I use my generator?

    • Connect a third-party generator using the Shore Power AC outlet on the Power Hub.

Are Power Kits compatible with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel?

    • Power Kits can work with the Smart Home Panel to expand battery capacity up to 30kWh and increase the AC Main Output to 7.2KW. Solar input will also rise to 9.6KW.

Will I receive an alert if there's an error with my Power Kit?

    • The EcoFlow app will send a warning notification if an error occurs.

What's the maximum battery capacity per Power Hub?

    • You can connect up to three 5kWh LFP Batteries simultaneously for a maximum capacity of 15kWh.

Is a 48V system safe to use?

    • A 48V system produces the same amount of power as a 12V system. Still, only a quarter of the electric current passes through thinner wires, producing significantly less heat and making it much safer.

Can I plug my home router cable into the RJ45 port?

    • The RJ45 port does not support a home router. The Power Hub has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, which can connect to your home network. You can use the EcoFlow APP to configure your home network and EcoFlow Power Hub WiFi connection.

How is the Power Kit Console powered?

    • The Power Kit Console is powered through an RJ45 CAN Bus cable that connects to the RJ45 network port on EcoFlow Power Hub.

Can I use the LFP batteries in a cold environment?

    • With built-in auto-heating, you can use the batteries safely in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). Charge heating is automatically activated when the ambient temperature is below 0°C (32°F) and the battery is in charging mode. You can also use the EcoFlow App to turn on auto-heating while discharging.

Can I monitor and control charging using the EcoFlow app?

    • You can monitor energy usage and charging input and adjust settings using the EcoFlow app.

Can the Power Hub store energy?

    • The Power Hub doesn't store energy. You need to connect at least one EcoFlow LFP Battery for storage..

What's the maximum charging input for Power Kits?

    • The maximum input is 6000W from multiple charging methods, including solar charging, vehicle alternator charging, AC charging, or Smart Generator Charging.

Does EcoFlow Power Hub support GFCI/RCD?

    • Yes, EcoFlow Power Hub support GFCI/RCD. A GFCI/RCD, according to local regulations, must be connected to Power Hub's AC input and output.

What are the ventilation requirements?

    • The whole system should be well-ventilated at all times. It is highly recommended to leave enough space for the air inlet and outlet of the power hub, 10cm for the air inlet, and 20cm for the air outlet.


EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs & Tiny Homes

$4,497.00 - $18,728.00
$4,099.00 - $15,299.00

EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs & Tiny Homes

$4,497.00 - $18,728.00
$4,099.00 - $15,299.00