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​What the heck is pure sine wave, and why does it matter?

​What the heck is pure sine wave, and why does it matter?

1st Dec 2021

Sine waves. Not something most people talk about over lunch, right? So, what's the big deal? Why should you care if your inverter produces a pure sine wave or not?

First of all, what's a power inverter?

A power inverter is a device or circuitry that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

When it comes to portable power stations, some use modified sine wave inverters, and some are pure sine wave devices. Modified sine wave inverters are an inexpensive alternative to run appliances and equipment that aren't as affected by power fluctuations. In most cases, this sort of power is only somewhat inefficient for things like motors, pumps, and heaters. Other more sensitive electronic devices like computers or sound equipment

Pure sine wave inverters produce a clean and consistent current

which is ideal for powering any electronics device or appliance. Audio and video equipment, such as TVs, stereos, will perform at their best, and appliances that may run on modified sine wave energy, will perform more efficiently as well.

So, should you care? The short answer is yes. Your best results will come from a power source using pure sine wave power inverters because many electrical goods are designed to function best with a sine wave AC power source.

Now that you know why pure sine wave inverters are important, you can make a more educated selection when choosing the best portable power station for you.