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Shedding Some Light on Home Emergency Power

Shedding Some Light on Home Emergency Power

28th Feb 2022

The lights flicker off. The TV goes dark. Your refrigerator/furnace/air-conditioner shudders to a halt. Suddenly and without warning, your power is out – and you have no idea when it will come back on again.

That’s an increasingly common occurrence in homes and communities across the United States, as an aging power grid and severe weather events cause life-altering disruptions to the uninterrupted power supply we once took for granted.

Fortunately, there’s something practical and proactive you can do to protect your home and family from the destabilizing effects of a potential power outage. With the right emergency backup power generator, you can support the essential functions and systems in your home – and maintain your normal routine – no matter what’s happening with the traditional power grid.

Preparation. Protection. Peace of mind.

There are countless benefits to having a portable home emergency power source, some more obvious than others.

  • Communication: If you’ve ever experienced a major weather event, you know how alarming it can be to lose the ability to communicate with the world outside your home. A home backup power station will ensure that you can charge your phones, laptops, radios and other devices – so you can stay in touch with loved ones, contact emergency services and keep up with the latest news, developments and emergency directives.
  • Security: The systems you’ve put in place to protect your home – from sump pumps to security alarms – are often more important than ever during a power outage. With emergency power from a portable home generator, you can ensure that your security measures are fully operational when you need them most.
  • Food Safety: The longer your power is out, the greater the risk that the food in your fridge and freezer will start to spoil. This can be both costly and dangerous – reducing your food supply when conditions could prevent you from resupplying; causing the food on hand to become unsafe to eat; and running up excessive grocery bills to replace ruined food. A home backup power generator will enable you to safeguard both your health and your budget with one “cool” solution.
  • Comfort: It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electricity in our daily lives – until it’s no longer there. Whether heating the house or heating up dinner, lighting the night light or turning on the TV, the things that contribute to the well-being and comfort of your family can be reassuringly maintained in uncertain times with a reliable portable home backup power system.