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Power Your Weekend With a Portable Power Station

Power Your Weekend With a Portable Power Station

15th Feb 2022

Most of us are tethered to the power grid all week long. When the weekend rolls around, freedom beckons – especially if you have your own independent power supply to help you plug in and power up, no matter where you want to go or what you want to do.

The sports enthusiast

Whether you’re a participant, a parent or a fan – the weekend is made for sports. Maybe you want to power the lights for a late-night soccer game. Tailgate with an electric grill at your kid’s swim meet. Follow the U.S. Open live from your campsite. Or charge your GPS before you hit the trail on your mountain bike.

Whatever gets your heart beating faster and your head out of the daily grind, you can take it to the next level with a portable power supply station.

The nature lover

Getting away from it all means – well – getting away from it all. To the mountains, to the beach, to the banks of a rushing river or a gurgling stream. But just because you love the sound of the wind deep in the forest or the sight of a sky blanketed with stars doesn’t mean you love leaving all the comforts of the modern world behind.

Which is where a solar powered generator comes in. From your tiny tent or your spacious RV, the porch of your rustic cabin or the fireside of your ski chalet – you have the power to preserve the amenities that will make your weekend great. Whether there’s no electricity to start with – or the ever-present prospect of power outages – you simply charge via your portable solar panels during the day and rest assured that you’ve got your weekend power needs completely covered.

The road warrior

There’s nothing like hitting the open road. But before you do – especially if you’re traveling far from the madding crowds – it pays to be prepared.

A portable power station is a smart addition to any road trip emergency kit. It’s a simple matter to place the solar panels on top of your other gear to charge while you drive. Then if you run into the unexpected, break down, get stuck, get lost or wander too far from civilization, you’ll have plenty of power to keep your phones charged, your GPS working and your emergency lights glowing.

(Speaking of cars, there’s something really satisfying about the ritual of washing your car and giving it a good detail. But who says you have to do that within reach of a power cord? A solar generator works anywhere, so you can power-wash, vacuum, and use an electric buffer on your favorite ride, far from the nearest outlet.)

The do-it-yourselfer

There are a lot of do-it-yourself tasks around the house that aren’t within convenient reach of a power outlet. Which makes a portable power station a great idea for your toolbox.

Small enough to take just about anywhere, and powerful enough to keep your tools or equipment running as long as you need them, a portable generator helps you get the job done on-time and on-site. So when you take stock at the end of a hard-working weekend – porch built, hedge trimmed, siding replaced, firewood cut, stock tank repaired (the list could go on and on) – you can take great satisfaction from a weekend well spent.

The cocooner

Sometimes, the universe just doesn’t cut you a break. It’s been a long week. You’re just getting ready to settle down for movie night. The popcorn is popped, the drinks are chilled, the pajamas are donned. Then the lights go out.

No need to panic. Your portable power station has a deep cycle battery, so even when your power isn’t available, you can keep the drinks cold, the movie running or whip up another batch of popcorn in your electric popper. Or – here’s an idea – take your portable power station outside, hang a sheet, invite your (in-the-dark) neighbors, and turn a movie night cocooned on the couch into a movie night shared under the stars.

The outdoor chef

The sun is setting, the weekend is drawing to a close. And you’re trying to grill your famous kabobs by the light of a headlamp – or, worse yet, a flashlight between your teeth. Fortunately, there’s a better way. A portable power station can light things up anywhere, so you can see what you’re cooking – and what you’re eating. What a concept!

And if you want to keep the party going? Summer weekends are perfect for long nights outdoors, and your solar generator will power the music, lights, and anything else you need to turn where you are into where everyone wants to be.

Portable power: Because we all want to make the most of our weekends.