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Portable Power Stations: The Best of Both Worlds

Portable Power Stations: The Best of Both Worlds

18th Mar 2022

Solar + traditional power 

Portable power stations are a clever “hybrid” innovation that can draw and store power both from the traditional electrical grid – and from the sun.

When attached to solar panels, a solar generator soaks up solar energy, stores it in a battery, and converts it to usable AC power. But unlike solar-only power systems, a dual-source portable power station can also plug directly into an electrical outlet – so you can pre-charge it “on the grid” before you need it and then keep it charged “off the grid” using portable solar panels.

Eco-friendly + technologically advanced

Old-school generators that run on fossil fuels emit noxious fumes, generate sound pollution, and require you to have a sufficient supply of fuel on hand at all times to meet your ongoing needs. From both a practical and an environmental standpoint, the inherent drawbacks to this old technology can make it an undesirable – and sometimes even unsafe – choice.

Switching to solar power (backed up as needed by wired electricity) allows you to benefit from game-changing modern advances in solar and battery technology – so you can power up in a safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

Close to home + far afield

Portable solar power stations come in different sizes and capacities, so you can choose a larger or smaller model depending on what you’ll be using it for – but be prepared to get so hooked on the possibilities this kind of power brings that you’ll want more than one!

From the hard-to-reach corners of your yard, to the far-flung corners of the wilderness, the value of having an alternate power source when you can’t rely solely on the traditional electricity supply is incalculable. Whether you want insurance against power outages at home or access to a reliable power supply when you’re out in the field, a versatile, eco-friendly, cost-effective solar power station admirably and efficiently fills the bill.