Anker PowerHouse 767 - 2048Wh | 2400W

  • Super-fast charging in only 1.4 hours
  • Allows charging with optional solar panel
  • Built-in port to power RVs
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Recharge on the Go

Recharge on the Go

Wherever your adventure leads, you don't have to worry about power thanks to the PowerHouse 767's optional solar panel. Summer blackout? No problem. Just charge up with your panel for quick emergency power.

Designed for Off-Grid Adventures

Some power stations talk the RV talk, but the Anker Powerhouse 767 walks the walk. With its built-in RV port, charging up off the grid has never been easier.

Designed for Off-Grid Adventures
Product Details

Power Ready for Anything

2048Wh | 2400W Power 99% of Appliances The portable power station is equipped with a massive 2048Wh capacity and huge 2400W AC output to conveniently power almost any appliance—from off-grid life essentials such as microwaves and refrigerators to pro tools like power drills and high output lights.

2 Ways to Recharge Fast

  • Solar Recharge Up to 1000W Catch the Sun - Anywhere the sun shines is a chance to harness green, endless solar power. With a maximum 1000W of solar input, you can recharge the portable power station outdoors quickly, conveniently, and sustainably.
  • 3X Faster Recharge - Get back to your adventures in record time with HyperFlash™️ technology. Even with its huge capacity, Anker 767 Portable Power Station can recharge from 0 to 80% in 1.4 hours.

EV-Class LiFePO4 Batteries Safer and reliable for 3,000 charge cycles.

EV-Class LiFePO4 Batteries Equipped with EV-grade batteries that will remain in a healthy state for 3,000 charge cycles or equivalent to 10 years of use.

Industrial-Grade Electronic Components Get a 6X longer device lifespan thanks to industrial-grade components, advanced circuit design, and a superior cooling system.

Unibody Drop-Proof Design Withstands years of heavy usage at home or outdoors.

Unibody Drop-Proof Design Impact-resistant, shock-proof, anti-UV, and flame retardant—Anker PowerHouse 767 is built to withstand even the toughest adventures.

Smart Temperature Control Batteries stay healthy and protected until the last charge.

Smart Temperature Control A smart temperature control system monitors temperatures up to 100 times per second to eliminate overheating, so you can have total peace of mind.

What's In The Box

Anker 767 Portable Power Station, AC Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, Solar Charging Cable, Accessories Bag, User Manual


Battery Information  
Type of Battery LiFePO4
Capacity (Wh) 2048Wh
Capacity (mAh) 640000mAh
Cycle Life 3000+ (to 80%)
Power left after 1-year without using
(from 100%)
Recharge Information  
Input Votage 120V
Total Input Power 1440W
EST Recharge Time 2.1hrs (1200W), 1.9hrs (1440W), 1.4hrs (2300W)
Use Ports While Recharging Yes
Direct AC Input Yes
Maximum AC Input Power 1440W
# of DC Input 1
DC Adapter No
DC Adapter Input Power -
EST DC Adapter Recharge Time 19.6hrs (120W Car Charger)
9.3hrs (240W Car Charger)
DC Input Size XT-60
Solar Input Power 11-32V⎓ 10A; 32V-60V⎓ 20A (1000W Max)
EST Solar Recharge Time 2.5hrs (1000W), 2.9hrs (800W), 5.7hrs (400W), 11hrs (200W)
Solar Panel Compatible Yes
MPPT Support Yes
Output Information  
Maximum Output 2964W (For US)
# of Output Ports 12 (For US)
# of AC Socket 4 (For US)
AC Rated Power 2400W
AC Surge Power 2800W
AC Total Output 2400W
AC auto shut-off Power Save Mode On (1hr)
# of USB-A Output 2
USB-A Rated Power (per port) 5V=2.4A (12W Max)
USB-A Total Output 24W
# of USB-C Output 3
USB-C Rated Power (per port) 5V⎓3A/9V⎓3A/15V⎓3A/20V⎓3A/20V⎓5A
(100W Max)
USB-C Total Output 300W
USB auto shut-off Yes
# of Car Outlet 2
Car Outlet Rated Power (per port) 10.8~14V=10A (120W Max Per Port)
Ambient Light Yes
Ambient Light Mode Ambient Light Mode (3 Level)
SOS Mode
Screen Display Information  
LCD Display Yes
% of Power Yes
 Total Input Power Yes
EST Time to Fully Recharge Yes
Total Output Power Yes
EST Time to Deplete Yes
Input Ports Yes
Output Ports Yes
High-Temperature Alram Yes
Low-Temperature Alram Yes
LCD Display auto shut-off Yes
Power Saving Mode Yes
APP Connect Yes
Remaining Battery for Expansion Battery Yes
Display Time before auto shut-off
(with no operation to the powerhouse)
Default: 30s
(can set on APP)
Weight & Dimensions  
Product Dimension (mm) 525 x 250 x 395 mm
Product Dimension (in) 20.7 x 15.5 x 9.8 in
Product Weight (kg) 30.5 kg
Product Weight (lb) 67.2 lb
Product Weight with Package (kg) 37.8 kg
Product Weight with Package (lb) 83.3 lb
Product Weight for Transportation
(with UN Box)
38.8 kg
Safty Information  
Ingress Protection
(Dust/Water Protection Level)
Operation Temperature (°C/°F) Charging: -20 -40°C / -4 -104°F
Recharging: 0-40°C / 32-104°F
Overload Protection (AC) >2400W
Over-current Protection (USB-A) >2.4A
Over-current Protection (USB-C) >6A (100W)
Over-current Protection (DC) >10A

Anker PowerHouse 767 - 2048Wh | 2400W

(You save: $200.00 )

Anker PowerHouse 767 - 2048Wh | 2400W

(You save: $200.00 )
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