DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery

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Warranty - 24 months
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The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery is an add-on battery that connects to the DELTA Pro to double total capacity. With this extra battery, you can use your DELTA Pro off-grid for even more watt-hours. The Extra Battery can be integrated into your home’s wiring when connected to the DELTA Pro, making it a part of your home’s peak shaving and emergency power solutions.

Requires Delta Pro Power Station

Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery

  • Make it a Triple - Double or triple the capacity of your DELTA Pro to 7.2kWh or 10.8kWh. That’ll give you days of power for your essential appliances.  
  • Charge Anytime, Anywhere - DELTA Pro’s Smart Extra Battery benefits from all the charging methods DELTA Pro has, including 6500W MultiCharge. That means you can charge anytime, anywhere as long as your extra battery is connected to DELTA Pro. Once connected, they’ll charge/discharge in unison, keeping the battery percent level across both units. 
  • Ready for Any Emergency - When the going gets tough and you’re out of charge options, get a 1800W DC fast charge with EcoFlow Smart Generator (sold separately). Just plug the generator directly into your extra battery via the port on the back. This works even when disconnected from your DELTA Pro.  
  • Stay Informed - The Smart Extra Battery sports a bright LCD screen on the front of the unit giving you all the info you need. Output, input, remaining charge and time remaining. It’s all there. Need on the go info? The EcoFlow app can tell you all that & a whole lot more.  
Capacity 3600Wh
Net weight Approx. 84 lbs / 38 kg
Dimension 25*11.2*16.4 in / 63.5*28.5*41.6 cm
Certificates UL CE FCC RoHS Telec
Wi-Fi NA
Bluetooth NA
Extra Battery NA
AC Output Ports
Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost
USB-A Output
USB-A fast charge
USB-C Output
Car Power Output
DC5521 Output
Anderson port
AC charging
Solar charging
Car charging
Battery Chemistry LFP
Cycle life 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity
Warranty 5 Years
What's in the box -DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery
-DELTA Pro Extra Battery Cable
-Handle Cover
-User Manual

DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery FAQs:

What is the smart extra battery capacity of DELTA Pro?

    • DELTA PRO SMART EXTRA BATTERY has a battery capacity of 3,600Wh (48V 75Ah).

What is the lifespan of the smart extra battery?

    • DELTA PRO SMART EXTRA BATTERY maintains 80% capacity after 3,500+ cycles and 50% capacity after 6,500+ cycles.

How can I get the longest lifespan from the smart extra battery?

    • Keep it within 20–30°C and away from water and heat.
    • For safety reasons, do not store DELTA PRO SMART EXTRA BATTERY above 45°C or below −10°C for extended periods.
    • For long-term storage, discharge the battery to 30% and charge it to 60% every three months.

What is the cell battery type?

    • The type of cell batteries are: cube, PCF battery, 1 parallel 15 series, 15 cells.

Can the extra battry be charged via the AC adapter or it has to be connected to the main unit to charge?

    • The Extra battery has to connect to the DELTA Pro unit for recharge and discharge. It only has one port that can connect to the DELTA Pro for use and get charged.

How fast does the smart extra battery charge?

    • The charge speed varies depending on your chosen charge method. Via a standard AC wall outlet, you can expect a full charge in 2.7 hours, assuming your DELTA Pro unit is fully charged.


DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery

(You save: $1,000.00 )
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