What is a Solar Generator?

As soon as you start looking into portable solar power, you’re likely to come across a category of products known as solar generator kits. We feature them prominently here on our site. To understand what solar generator kits are – and why they might be a great idea for you – it’s worth taking a closer look at the specifics.

Basically, solar generator kits combine the components you need to capture, store and use solar power for portable, off-grid and emergency use – all in one fully integrated package. With components designed to work together seamlessly, a solar generator kit takes the guesswork out of putting together the best portable solar solution for your very individual needs.

The components of a solar generator kit

The major components of a solar generator kit are the portable solar generator(s) and portable solar panel(s) – along with the compatible cables, adapters and accessories you’ll need to get your portable solar power station up and running. And running. And running.

Portable solar generators (AKA- Portable Power Stations)

When you distill down the remarkable technological achievements behind today’s portable solar generators, what you have in essence is a specialized battery storage system designed to accept, store, convert and discharge energy collected directly from the sun. Clean, free, virtually limitless energy – completely independent of the traditional electrical grid. It’s easy to see why that idea has such (ahem) power and widespread appeal.

Portable solar panels

Unlike their stationary counterparts mounted on rooftops and over parking lots, portable solar panels are compact and lightweight enough to go anywhere – from trekking on mountain trails to tracking the sun across your back yard. Easily packable, sturdy and resilient, these travel-ready little powerhouses are definitely not your father’s solar panels.

The rest of the stuff

The cables and adapters you need to connect your solar generator(s) and solar panel(s) will be an obvious and critical part of your kit. As will the instructions on how to get things going (literally and, well, literally).

From there, the field is wide open. Depending on what kind of capacity you’re looking for – and where/when/how you’ll be using your portable solar generator – there are all kinds of additional accessories that might make sense to consider as part of your kit.

The best solar generator kit for you

The challenge, of course, is figuring out which portable solar generator kit will fit your unique lifestyle. Things can get complicated fast with so many products, options, capacities and combinations to choose from – and no easy, clear, one-size-fits-all choice.

So that’s kind of the (mildly) bad news – there’s no escaping the necessity for you to do some calculations of your own to determine what you need and want when it comes to portable solar power. What devices and appliances do you want to run? For how long? How often? Do you want multiple input options? What are your output requirements? Only you can say (and we can – and honestly would love to – listen).

Tempted by a cheap solar generator kit?

You’ll notice that we have curated on our site only solar generator kits from brands we know and trust. For most of us, choosing a solar generator kit is not a casual decision. It’s an investment in the future – in the comfort, safety and peace of mind of our families; in the fullness of our weekdays and weekends; in the anticipation of true environmental responsibility and energy independence.

We take our part in all of that seriously too. So, we’re sticking with the tried and true. And that’s all we have to say about that.

Everything you need to get going

To recap, the great thing about a solar generator kit is that it’s an all-in-one solution. As long as you take the time up front to figure out what you want and need when it comes to portable solar power, your portable solar generator kit will be one of the smartest investments you’ve ever made.