EcoFlow Smart Home Panel - Description, FAQs, and How To Install

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is a home power management solution that integrates with your EcoFlow DELTA Pro to store energy for later use.


By linking up to 10 of your home's circuits, you can have uninterrupted power during blackouts, as well as benefit from smart energy management and cost savings.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started:

  • Smart Home Panel
  • Infinity Cable
  • Wall Mounts
  • Wire Connectors
  • 13 Relay Modules included
  • 5x Relay Module(15A) + 5x Relay Module(20A) + 3x Relay Module(30A)
  • User Manual

Provides Automatic Power Backup

In the event of a blackout, the panel immediately switches to your integrated circuits with a switchover time of only 20ms, so you won't even notice a loss of power.


You can also reduce your reliance on the grid and prepare for blackouts by using EcoFlow's portable solar panels to store energy or charging from your AC coupled rooftop solar panels while the grid is active.


If there's no sun, you can also charge the batteries using the grid, or use the EcoFlow Smart Generator to charge them.

Expandable Backup Battery System

The Smart Home Panel has the capacity to support and fast charge up to two DELTA Pro batteries and additional batteries and smart generators, providing a potential output of 240V and 7200W, as well as 25kWh of capacity.


This is enough to power almost anything in your home, providing days of power during blackouts.

Manage Your Power with a Mobile App

You can use the EcoFlow app to control each of your integrated home circuits and view your energy consumption, customize your power use, and choose the power source for your home.


By drawing power from your DELTA Pro during peak energy use hours, you can lower your bills and ease the demand on the grid, and then use low-cost or renewable energy to charge the batteries during off-peak hours.


Can the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel connect to a solar roof system?

It can, indeed. A solar roof system can be connected in a number of ways. An AC-coupled roof solar panel system is compatible with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel without any modifications. Only portable solar panels with the appropriate output parameters can connect to a DC-coupled solar panel system.

Does EcoFlow Smart Home Panel have a built-in AFCI function?

No; According to EcoFlow, a separate accessory is required to house an AFCI breaker.

Does the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel have any protection functions?

Yes. There is a relay-based overcurrent protection system in the grid and backup mode. There is also a fuse for fault protection in backup mode. 

How many circuits can EcoFlow Smart Home Panel manage?

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel can manage up to 10 single-phase circuits or 5 split-phase circuits.

Can I manually switch between grid and backup power?

Yes. You can switch using the EcoFlow app.

Can multiple Smart Home Panels be used simultaneously in one house?


What's the maximum number of DELTA Pros and Extra Batteries that can connect to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel?

A maximum of 2 DELTA Pros and 4 Extra Batteries can be connected, with a total of 7200W output power and a capacity of 21.6kWh.

Does the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel support split phase 240V output?

Yes, it does. Maximum5 split-phase circuits with 240V.

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