Best Power Stations for CPAP battery backup

Why should you have a battery backup for your CPAP?

It is important to have a power backup for CPAP because these machines require a consistent and reliable power source to function properly. If the power goes out or the machine experiences a power interruption, it can disrupt treatment and potentially harm the user. A power backup ensures that the CPAP machine can continue to function during power outages or other interruptions, ensuring the user receives continuous treatment and respiratory support.

Portable power stations (sometimes referred to as solar generators) are a great solution for backing up the power for your CPAP machine. If you travel or go camping, the power station can travel right along with you. They can also be charged using solar panels, which is what we would call a solar generator.

Best options for CPAP backup

We have gathered a collection of the best portable power stations for backing up your CPAP here. Here are the criteria we have used to guide these choices:

  • Quality construction that you can count on

  • Enough power output to easily power a typical CPAP machine

  • Capacity large enough to power a typical CPAP machine throughout at least a full night’s sleep

  • They must be light enough to easily be moved from place to place

Here are our recommendations, broken into three categories: Compact, Mid-Size, and Larger.

Best Compact Power Stations for CPAP power backup:

These power stations are the two lightest, most compact systems that we recommend for this application. 

Both the EcoFlow River 2 Max, and the Jackery Explorer 550 boast a 500W AC output. This is plenty of power to run your CPAP machine, and when you’re not sleeping, they have enough power to run many household appliances as well.  Want to watch TV or charge your laptop? These have you covered. 

They have comparable capacities with over 500Wh to keep your CPAP going through the night. This is enough juice to run most CPAP machines for over 9 hours.

Best Mid-Size Power Stations for CPAP power backup:

A bit larger than the compact systems, these mid-size power stations are a significant step up from the compact models, giving you 50% more capacity to keep that CPAP running longer.

Capacity and weight are similar for both is about 880Wh with the Jackery having a very slight edge. But the EcoFlow Delta Mini has a significant advantage with 1400W output. Both systems are strong enough that they could also be used to keep your refrigerator running for about 6-12 hours during a power outage.

Best Larger Power Stations for CPAP power backup:

The EcoFlow Delta 2, and the Jackery Explorer are both substantial powerhouses. Both portable power stations have over 1000Wh capacity which is enough to run most CPAP machines for two night’s sleep.


When it comes to output, the EcoFlow Delta 2 has the edge here, with an impressive 1800W of output. It's capable of running most household appliances in a pinch.


The Jackery comes in about 5 pounds lighter, so it’s a bit more mobile. 


What is a CPAP Machine?
A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is a device that helps to regulate breathing during sleep. It is commonly used to treat sleep apnea, a condition in which the airway becomes partially or completely blocked during sleep, causing the person to stop breathing or have shallow breaths. The CPAP machine delivers a constant flow of pressurized air through a mask or nasal prongs to keep the airway open and help the person breathe properly. It is important for people with sleep apnea to use a CPAP machine consistently to receive the full benefits of treatment and prevent any potential health complications.


Will a solar generator (portable power station) run a CPAP machine?

Definitely. Most of the systems we offer on are powerful enough to run a CPAP machine.


What size generator do I need to run a CPAP?

Pay attention to the capacity. We recommend at least 500Wh to ensure a full night's use.


How many watts does it take to run a CPAP machine?

Between 30 to 60 Watts is the range of power needed most CPAP machines.


What is the difference between a solar generator and a power station?

Portable power stations are an all-in-one battery backup system that can be small enough to carry in one hand, or large enough to backup a home. A solar generator is a combination of a portable power station and solar panels.