220/240 Volt Solar Generators

The standard voltage for residential and commercial electrical systems in the United States is 120V. Many appliances and devices, however, such as large appliances such as stoves and dryers, are designed to operate at a higher voltage, typically 240V.

If you have large appliances or tools that are 240V-compatible but do not have access to a 240V power source, the right solar generator can provide the power you need.

These generators can be charged in a number of ways, such as by using solar panels to turn sunlight into electricity, which is then saved in a battery bank or portable power station.  This makes them more flexible than a traditional generator, because they don’t require fuel storage.

240V Solar Generators

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station, and the Mango Power E Power Station both are both 240V capable. But, they both require two units connected with a 240V adapter.


Getting a system with enough capacity will also be important, and these are both expandable.


We can help you to design the right system for your needs, just reach out through the chat or contact form.

  • These units are heavy - around 100 lbs each. But, they also have wheels to make transportation a bit easier.
  • The EcoFlow has the advantage in output as well as capacity, and it can be expanded up to 7200W output and 25kWh.
  • The Mango Power E offers stackable extra batteries, so it can be a bit more compact.

For businesses that rely on electricity to operate critical equipment, having a backup power source can be especially important in the event of a power outage. A 240V Solar generator, for example, might be used on a construction site to power certain tools and equipment.

It's worth noting that the terms "240V" and "220V" are often used interchangeably to refer to the same voltage range, and many devices and appliances are designed to work with either voltage. However, it's important to make sure that any device or appliance you are using is compatible with the voltage of the electrical system you are using.