Why Mango Power?

Mango Power is blazing a trail in the world of green energy with their powerful home power solutions and portable devices. 

Founded in 2021 by a group of passionate product managers and creative engineers, Mango Power has partnered with some of the best battery suppliers in the industry.

And, with their commitment to a zero carbon emission future, Mango Power is dedicated to helping families and homes switch to smart, renewable energy sources – while offering top-notch quality too. 


Mango Power had an incredible year in 2021, and it just keeps getting better. Mango Power was recently awarded two of the most prestigious awards from CES 2022: the Techradar Pro CES Picks Award and the TWICE CES Picks Award. Both annual awards are highly sought after, and they honor the most influential products present at CES 2022 or introduced in 2021. Earning these awards recognizes Mango Power's early success and speaks of more success to come!

"Mango Power is quickly becoming a key player in the world of home power storage."