Jackery Power Cable

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Need more info? Here you go!

Jackery Power Cable - Power Cable 12-Volt Automotive Lead-acid Battery Charging Cable Compatible Solar Generator Explorer Series.  Can't start your car? If you forget close the car's door or turn off the car's light, and the car's battery is exhausted, this Jackery Power Cable can recharge the car battery via connecting the Jackery Power Station.  No need to worry about being stuck.

  • High Quality -100% copper wire, no exposed metal.  Made with heavy-duty 16awg wire which transfers more electricity safely and efficiently.
  • Charge Your Car’s Battery - It is about 15-20mins for 40-60ah battery and 30-40mins for 60-100ah battery to be recharged, so that you can start your car.
  • Strong Alligator Clips - Fast connecting/disconnecting of your Jackery power station to the 12v/10a automobile lead-acid battery.

Attention: Not applicable to electric cars.  For safety, please carefully check the positive and negative poles of the cord before charging; never let the positive electrode and negative electrode of the charging cable come into contact with each other.  This product is not to be connected to other devices. 

 Specifications - 

  • Item length - 82.6in ± 0.39in 
  • Item weight -14.4 ounces 
  • Package dimensions - 9.37 x 6.34 x 2.13 inches
Warranty - 24 months

Jackery Power Cable